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Mobile Internet

We provide the mobile Internet industry with data and strategy consulting services to increase advertising revenue, deepen understanding of changes in consumer behavior, and enhance competitiveness.

Our mobile Internet solutions help the mobile Internet industry to optimize brand strategy, increase sales of mobile Internet ads and enhance competitiveness. Our services target smartphones/tablet-based mobile Internet enterprises, including those specialized in instant messaging, news, online video, SNS, utility tools, internet industry apps etc. and others that intend to conduct marketing via the mobile Internet or acquire digital advertising revenue. We also provide countermeasures to help our clients respond to challenges in the fast-changing market space. 

  • Industry Trends Industry Trends

  • Competition Analysis Competition Analysis

  • User Behavior User Behavior

Products/Services to Recommend
  • Data Services
    mUserTracker A professional database to measure mobile behavior of smart device users
    mStoreTracker An outstanding database to measure app store downloads or updates based on one-million Android device users
    mGameTracker An efficient database to measure mobile gaming products and channels
  • Research Services
    Industry Environment and Competitor Analysis We keep our clients aware of the latest industry trends and competitor performance to enable clients to fine tune their business strategies accordingly.
    Showcase of Marketing Value We help clients to showcase visitor flow capacity and audience quality and value to potential advertisers to increase ad sales.
    Proof of Marketing Effect We investigate whether or not marketing campaigns have reached target audiences, achieved desired effects, and elevated brand value.
    Panoramic User Portrait We help our clients to gain comprehensive insights into changes in user behavior across services and devices including PCs, smart devices and smart TVs.
Some of Our Clients
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