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Investment Advisory
Drawing on our 10+ years’ experience in the TMT sector, iResearch’s Investment Advisory serves institutional investors with a broad spectrum of services including fundamental research on both listed and unlisted target companies, commercial due diligence, market scan, and M&A target screening and support. For projects involving listed companies, we are also able to provide on-going tracking and custom company-specific equity research. Our research scope covers market competition landscape research, performance check on target companies, benchmarking analysis, competitiveness analysis of target companies and market growth potential research.
  • Fundamental Research on Target Companies Fundamental Research on Target Companies

  • Commercial Due Diligence & Market Scan Commercial Due Diligence & Market Scan

  •  M&A Target Screening and Support M&A Target Screening and Support

User Behavior Research
  • Data Services
    mGameTracker An efficient database to measure mobile gaming products and channels
    mUserTracker A professional database to measure mobile behavior of smart device users
    iUserTracker A proprietary database to measure online behavior of Internet users
  • Research Services
    Due Diligence Industry sector trends, assessment of investment target’s market position and growth potential
    Data Mining Detailed analysis of log stream and traffic data
    Market Landscape In-depth market landscape review enabling clients to assess market size and competitive strength of different players
    User Satisfaction and Merchant Survey Website/App growth potential and profitability study
Some of Our Clients
  • Bank
  • Gold
  • UBS