Unlock the power of the internet

We provide data support and strategic consulting services to retail industry clients and help them to increase sales and sharpen their competitive edge. These clients include e-commerce companies (B2B, B2C), and traditional offline retailers.

  • Market Lanscape Market Lanscape

  • Path to Purchase Path to Purchase

  • Conversion Optimization Conversion Optimization

Products/Services to Recommend
  • Data Services
    iUserTracker A proprietary database to measure online behavior of Internet users
    mUserTracker A professional database to measure mobile behavior of smart device users
    EcTracker A leading database to measure e-commerce sales, promotions, prices and out-of-stock
  • Research Services
    Consumer Online Shopping Research Track consumers’ engagement and shopping path to help enterprises optimize their online sales strategy
    Online Marketing Strategy Research Understand market and industry trends as well as the characteristics of different publishers
    Online Retail Research Study the product portfolio and promotion mechanism of various e-commerce platforms
    Advertising Effect Evaluation and Enhancement Advertising effect evaluation system empowered by content marketing
    U&A Research Analysis of target consumers, factors which drive shopping, and online and offline U&A of consumers
    Search/E-commerce Keywords Research Analyze search keywords used by online shoppers to gain insight into their habits
    Corporate Data Mining Help companies enhance decision making ability through data management
Some of Our Clients
  • 淘宝
  • 天猫
  • 京东
  • 1号店
  • 易迅
  • 当当
  • 唯品会
  • 乐蜂网
  • 聚美优品
  • 美丽说
  • 蘑菇街
  • 苏宁易购