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Promote development of and research consulting solutions for the travel industry.The boom of the Internet and mobile Internet sector in China has gradually driven travel GMV and widened the online user base. Increasingly, consumers pay attention to and opt to use travel products including hotel rooms, air tickets, vacation tours and car rental service. Amidst the complex competitive travel climate, travel service providers are sharpening their competitive edge by leveraging industry, market scale, share, and growth trends as well as service categories to develop their operation platforms, products, and user bases.

  • Industry Trends Industry Trends

  • Consumer Demand Consumer Demand

  • Online Shopping Behavior Online Shopping Behavior

Products/Services to Recommend
  • Data Services
    iUserTracker A proprietary database to measure online behavior of Internet users
    mUserTracker A professional database to measure mobile behavior of smart device users
  • Research Services
    Product Testing and Experience Optimization Explore true user intention and discover the secrets to an optimal user experience
    User Satisfaction & Loyalty Management Understand users’ demands to enhance user loyalty
    Media Marketing Value Evaluation and Optimization Focus on studying the marketing value of new media
    Advertising Effect Evaluation and Enhancement System to evaluate the effects of content marketing through advertising
    Corporate Data Mining Service Help companies enhance data-driven decision-making
    Corporate Data Management Consulting Help companies enhance operating efficiency through data management
    Market Environment & Competitive Strategy Consulting In-depth market environment analysis; enables clients to understand the landscape of competing enterprises
    Brand Management Tracking and Evaluation Track and evaluate current status of brands and provide suggestions for enhancing brand value
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